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(Català) 25 anys a La Vanguardia

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  • 2014 Campanya "Ara és l'hora"
  • 2014 La Flama del Canigó arriba al Parlament de Catalunya.
  • 2014 Presentació acte central de la campanya "Ara és l'hora"
  • 2014 La llibreta de notes
  • 2014 Camí de Poble Nou del Delte
  • 2014 Campanya "País Groc"
  • 2014 Pintant de groc Poble Nou del Delta
  • 2014 Comença la campanya del 9N
  • 2014 Objectiu: una trucada, un vot
  • 2014 Votaré X tu
  • 2014 Celebrant l'èxit de participació del 9N
  • 2015 Satisfacció per l'acord: eleccions el 27S
  • 2015 Transmetent el missatge d'Òmnium al barri de Sants
  • 2015 Oriol Junqueras, Muriel Casals i Carme Forcadell a la manifestació de l' 1 de maig
  • 2015 Muriel Casals i Jordi Sànchez valoren el resultat de les municipals
  • 2015 Artur Mas, Oriol Junqueras, Raül Romeva, Carme Forcadell i Muriel Casals donen el tret de sortida a la campanya electoral del 27S
  • 2015 Oriol Junqueras, Muriel Casals, Carme Forcadell, Raül Romeva, Jordi Sànchez i Quim Torra a la Via Lliure de l'Onze de Setembre
  • 2015 Acte de Junts pel sí a L'Hospitalet
  • 2015 Acte final de campanya de Junts pel sí a Montjuic
  • 2015 Muriel Casals, el somriure de la revolta

(Català) “Nosaltres som el somni” – Muriel Casals

Sorry, this entry is only available in Català.

  • L'Anna Turbau i el seu treball a Galícia
  • La mirada de l'Anna als anys setanta
  • Enmig de dues sàvies fotoperiodistes: Cristina García Rodero i Anna Turbau
  • Una abraçada que conté molts anys d'amistad

A heavenly delight… with Anna Turbau and Cristina García Rodero!

When your teacher –Anna Tubau-, who has taught you to love photojournalism, has been recognised for her work and her career in Galicia during the seventies in an exhibition at PhotoEspaña, fills you up with pride and happiness… Moreover, the fact that your idol and model, Cristina Rodero, also takes part in the exhibition –“Tan lejos, tan cerca” [So far, so near]-, is priceless… but being able to enjoy both of them at the same time is a heavenly ecstasy!

The day after the International Women’s Day

Yesterday was a holiday, we were celebrating the International Women’s Day, a day of protests where it seems that all the attention given to us softens the bitter work days that millions of women suffer every day all over the world, and that it opens the doors to hope. I wanted to recover from the file –negatives and black and white photos- the report I did on 2002 about mothers who are alone. Many women will identify, either single, widows, […]

March 8th, International Women’s day

It’s 6.30pm and Plaça Universitat is stuffed: women, women and more women; and men, and again women with men, with children, young and old women, women, women and a single clamour: «We give birth, we decide» …I feel like thirty years ago –we’re already in Les Rambles-, but my hair has been white for a while and no progress has been made: we’re still taking care of our parents, our children and working more for less than them –men-, precarious […]

Mireia Belmonte awesome 2013

CONGRATULATIONS MIREIA!!! Mireia comes back home with a four of gold under her belt. Four golden medals after competing in five finals in the European Short Course Championship held in Herning (Denmark). She’s been the best in the 200m butterfly, the 800m freestyle, the 400 freestyle and the 400 medley. She missed the bronze medal in the 200 styles for only one tenth of a second, but she has achieved the Championship and the Spanish records with 4.21.23. The balance […]

Collective visual memory

In our profession, we’re always trying to be creative, that our photographs have that personal touch which makes us different. I’ll even say that many fight for creating their own stamp by always using black and white, some particular lens, photographing with super-angle lens or using more Photoshop than it’s needed, to give some examples. We’re all looking for that perfect picture that would enlarge the not-so-long list of “icon images” etched in the collective subconscious; those model photos that […]

Robbery without reward?

I’ve always said that photojournalists who work in the press should create a blog for anecdotes, because our job is a massive provider: funny, sad, disappointing, euphoric… The one I’m going to explain here can be classified in the disappointing ones, because at the end the photos won’t be published in the media. Publishing them in the blog is a way of comforting myself, it comes with the territory… It was the night of the 5th January and, according to […]

To a great lady of free spirit

Tribute to Chavela Vargas

Wounded vocation?

Those are statements that, at first sight, hurt me deeply. I’m certain that there are many other photographers that think or state the same, so don’t you think I chose those for personal reasons. Joan Fontcuberta knew to be, in his time –the eighties-, a clever importer of new tendencies and photographic concepts that arose in the United States. All his work is based on suspecting the spontaneity of photography and on calling into question the objectivity of the image […]