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The Others… Nº 1 for tennis lovers

 THE OTHERS… This will be the section where all those photos closed in the drawer that never see the light of their natural course, which is to be published in the newspaper, will be released. That’s our job, many times you have a good picture but another is published. There can be different reasons: from a variety of interests to a simple question of taste. Other times it happens like in this post; for four days I’ve been asked to […]

A few some, many others

In another context, the news about the King of Spain going to the great hunting in Botswana wouldn’t be more significant than this; but in times like the present ones, when we’re coping with an accelerating crisis, things change a bit: redundancies, reductions of salary, increasing working days, cuts in health service, education and security –just to name three of the main pillars of any advanced society-, don’t leave us with a good impression. Citizens, we pay taxes because we […]

Never give up hope

I am a photojournalist and I feel this profession as a part of me. I have a bad habit: I still believe that –despite our profession has been neglected by some institutions, cultural companies and publishers, and despite the infiltration and the damned crisis- photojournalism will never die, because it’ll always be necessary that someone with enough patience, professionalism, commitment and many doses of journalistic vocation explains what’s happening around us. As you can see I’m an optimist. Not in […]

Trying the new Nikon D4

Comments on the new Nikon D4 For many years I have waited its launch, longing to hold it. I express my gratitude to Nikon –and to Carles- for the courtesy of letting me try it during the whole weekend. I’m going to start from what I liked the least: having to give it back! I’ve been using Nikon for more than 20 years, and in “La Vanguardia” we use Canon; so my current reference points are, in Nikon’s side, the […]

The antisocial and the Mayor

We, the photographers, were taking pictures of the mayor going through Ciutat Vella. We always go about five meters in front of him, hoping to capture an intriguing image, expecting the moment when, weather a neighbour approaches him, or Jordi Hereu himself starts a conversation with one of them. Suddenly, I see a man standing in the corner of a building of the Catalan bank “La Caixa”. I can’t believe my eyes: he is urinating –in broad daylight- where the […]

Life in four pictures

Here you have a photographic exhibition held from the 14th October to the 6th November in the contemporary art gallery Espai [b] Gràcia: “La vida en quatre fotos, l’amor, el desamor, la vida i la mort” [Life in four pictures, love, hatred, life and death.] Inés Baucells, Cristina Calderer, Maite Cruz, Gemma Gomez, Laura Guerrero, Ana Jiménez, Elisenda Pons, Mª Angels Torres and Roser Vilallonga are the authors, all of them with a long career as photojournalists in local newspapers. […]

Solidary with Tibet

Twenty five personalities related with the arts, politics, gastronomy, communication, etc., have uninterestedly participated in a photo session promoted by Roser Vilallonga, a photojournalist from “La Vanguardia”, to raise awareness among society about the difficult situation lived in Tibet and to raise funds to help their refugees. The exhibition “Tíbet al cor” [Tibet in the heart] comprises photos by Vilallonga which show the unfair life conditions of the refugees established in India and Nepal. It also includes photos of the […]