The day after the International Women’s Day

Yesterday was a holiday, we were celebrating the International Women’s Day, a day of protests where it seems that all the attention given to us softens the bitter work days that millions of women suffer every day all over the world, and that it opens the doors to hope. I wanted to recover from the file –negatives and black and white photos- the report I did on 2002 about mothers who are alone.

Many women will identify, either single, widows, divorced or married; and it depends on the amount of children, health condition, economic income and the cooperation of the husband, partner, family or friends that the balance leans towards disaster and exhaustion, or that the burden is more or less bearable. The reality that Marga, Maxine, Alícia, Mª Ángeles, Xènia and Carlota let me photograph selflessly, opening their homes to me, is the daily life of millions and millions of women of the civilised –as to say- world.




















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