Collective visual memory

In our profession, we’re always trying to be creative, that our photographs have that personal touch which makes us different. I’ll even say that many fight for creating their own stamp by always using black and white, some particular lens, photographing with super-angle lens or using more Photoshop than it’s needed, to give some examples. We’re all looking for that perfect picture that would enlarge the not-so-long list of “icon images” etched in the collective subconscious; those model photos that endure on history and that, without noticing, we’re looking for or repeating once and again.

After this introduction I want to tell you that the everyday sometimes is hard. You’re not always fresh as a daisy, and when you work for a newspaper things get more complicated because you hardly have enough time to take a photo of the interviewee, you’re not in an appropriate place, and the light is not the ideal. So you have to go by your ingenuity and improvisation skills to get an acceptable result.


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Looking at the paper today, I’ve smiled… my friend and colleague David Airob has photographed the recent champion of Moto GP Marc Màrquez, and my mind has gone back some years ago when –in a hurry, as always – I had to take a photo of Jorge Lorenzo. I’ll put my finger on it that David had to do the same: to come up with a way of getting an appealing photo; with the aggravating that both David and I are “biker-fans”, so you are in front of your idols and, obviously, you want the result to be as good as possible. I have to admit that aesthetically I like David’s photo more, but as you can see the idea was the same. At that time Jorge Lorenzo visited the office of “La Vanguardia” in Pelai Street, now Marc Màrquez has also visited it, but we’re in Diagonal. Fortunately there’s always a park close to the office.








In the year 2003 he was running and Jorge was coming back home as a winner of the 125cc Brazilian Grand Prix. And he was only sixteen! What a child!

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  1. A mi fa un parell de mesos em va tocar Marc Marquez, i el primer que em va venir al cap és un parc infantil amb una moto “de molla”. En Roviralta en té una seva molt divertida.

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