About me

Roser Vilallonga

I was born in a bright April’s night in 1960, so the new century caught me in my forties. The “photographic concept” of my childhood was represented by a flashcube Instamatic; until I discovered, hidden and forgotten in a drawer, a camera with bellows that belonged to my parents. They didn’t use it anymore because “it was very difficult to use and, sometimes, you didn’t get any photography”.

That difficulty brought by the light, the diaphragm and the shutter captivated me in such a way that I decided to become a professional photographer. My mother warned me and said with wisdom: “no, photographers end up in the streets… it’s better that you study a degree…”. Definitely there was nothing to reproach her, as she was right “a grosso modo”. 

That’s how photography became my hobby in which I could hide. But in the middle of my thirties’ crisis I told myself: “it’s now or never”, and in that moment started my professional career, full of hard work and dedication.

I have to admit that I was lucky to be in the right place in the right moment, and that the support of my family, friends and colleagues was, and still is, my philosopher’s stone.

Currently, I’m part of the La Vanguardia photographer’s team.